The Traditionally Excellent Shiranami Sweet Potato Shochu by Satsuma Shuzo

In this section, I will show you pictures from another of our stop-offs during our two week stay in Kyushu, after having traveled over 1,000 miles from Tokyo. The journey took us to see the best of the best Shochu producers in each of the three main categories: rice, barley, and sweet potato.

One of our stops was at Satsuma Shuzo Co. Ltd., producer of the renowned Shiranami Shochu, the best Sweet Potato Shochu in all of Japan. I'll share with you what I saw at Satsuma's Makurazaki City plant which has been producing Imo Shochu since 1936. We'll also present material found at the Meijikura Shochu Museum.

shiranami bottle


The Satsuma Shiranami Shochu is produced exclusively in Satsuma. Since 2004, the popularity of Sweet Potato Shochu has increased greatly, especially among young women drinkers. It states claims as a healthier alternative versus regular brewed sake, and a hangover-free day afterwards. At SushiTrainer, we want to share information on Shochu because we believe Shochu to be the best kind of alcohol in Japan. Please enjoy our presentation on Shiranami Imo Shochu.

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