We started the development of this school during the first days of 2004. Our staff members have gathered a vast amount of information about sushi. We have prepared articles, instructional videos, and other content over the past four years and set it up to help people easily learn how to make sushi. When I look back on all the things we have accomplished, and look at all of the things we had to overcome, I can recall many unexpected things that happened. Although we came up with the idea of SushiTrainer ourselves, we could not have gotten this far without the help of our many friends and business acquaintances. I am extremely grateful to everyone who helped us reach our goals. 30 years have passed since I first came to America. We are also very glad that we have been able to come this far and live this comfortably for such a long period of time in America. We started this website with the goal of serving the people of the greater Los Angeles area, helping them to create their own sushi in their own homes. We hope that this site is able to help many people to do this.
  I am over 50 years of age, and we may be considered old by many people. I am thinking of returning to Japan by the age of 60, as we are both thinking we would like to live out the rest of our lives there. As a requital of a favor for all of the wonderful years I have been able to spend in America, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to start a sushi school, with the intention of helping everyone to learn the correct way to make and enjoy eating sushi. We would also like to introduce many other cultural items to you, which are important to the people of Japan, and therefore we have assembled an array of articles on Japanese culture. This includes many artifacts and customs spanning hundreds of years of Japanese history in their origins. We are not just a site that teaches about sushi, but a site that has much information on Japanese culture in general. We will continue to create articles and content in order to further your knowledge on sushi and Japan. Sushi has spent a long period of time here in Southern California, and is known to many as one of the best places to get sushi. We are proud to help keep the tradition of Southern California sushi alive, and will do our best at SushiTrainer to continue this wonderful tradition. Thank you very much for your support.