Nenohi, Nenox
High quality Japanese Western Knives

NENOHI, Nenox SD Japanese Western Knives
NENOHI, Nenox S-1 Japanese Western Knives

The two knives shown above are Nenohi, Nenox high quality Japanese Western Knives which are aimed at the rice market. They are called the SD and S-1, and are in the same line of Nenohi knives. In order to use these knives on a daily basis, you must re-sharpen them frequently. In the U.S., re-sharpening a knife in one's home can be a difficult task. 99% of the high end knives on the market today require re-sharpening. In Japan, many people use wet-stones to sharpen their knives, which is not often seen in the U.S. After purchasing our Nenohi, Nenox knives, we used twelve of them in our video demonstrations. I have used knives from 15 different knife companies during the last 15 years of my life as a sushi chef, and out of all the knives I have used, I feel like Nenohi offers the best quality.

Nenox G-Type


The picture shown above is of the Nenox brand G-Type line of knives. These are general purpose kitchen knives, and are said to be the best knives available now out of all the knives being sold on the U.S. market. These knives have a very sharp edge, they are very hard, and are made with top quality stainless steel. One feature of the Nenox Japanese Western style knives is their easy to grip handles. Once you get used to the handles, they become extremely comfortable to use. These knives must be re-sharpened as well.

Nenox S-Type, Custom made

NENOHI, Nenox S-TYPE with a rainbow coral grip
NENOHI, Nenox SD-240ST custom blade

The two pictures above show two Nenox knives, one which was ordered by a chef and custom made, and one (the SD-240ST) which was ordered by Sushitrainer and custom made. It is a 240mm long and 3.6mm thickness blade and one blade to handles all kind of cooking needs. The picture shown above to the left shows a knife that was specially made by Nenox. On the right side, we can see a knife that was specially ordered by us at Sushitrainer from Nenohi. It is a SD-240 ST model knife with a 240mm long blade and a thickness of 3.6mm blade.

We had four of these knives made for us in a special order, with three being made with Kaede steel ($850), and one being made with the hardest stainless steel available, KDX ($2,200). This design is the third one aimed at the American Western restaurant and sushi industry. This knife is good for cleaning up fish, cutting sashimi, and for cutting vegetables. It can actually be used for almost anything in the kitchen; it is very versatile.