Customized Blades and Handles


The two knives here were made for Sushitrainer with the Mizu-Honyaki technique with a CORIAN handle. These knives are very hard and cut extremely well. The white handle with the silver lining is becoming somewhat of a hallmark for knives.

Yanagiba and Usuba knife with custom fittings

ebony yanagiba knife
NENOHI, all silver and ebony fittings for YANAGIBA
ebony usuba knife
NENOHI, all silver and ebony fittings for USUBA

Here we can see a Yanagiba and Usuba knife with custom fittings made of black ebony wood and silver fittings. Nenohi is the only knife company in Japan that customizes both their blades and handles. They are a specialist when it comes to this. The pictures below show some knife grip guards, with my name engraved on it with an electric razor. This cost me an extra $650. Please take a close look at the pictures to see the detail.

Hand Forged Water Tempered White Steel Blades

three engraved knives engraved-handle.jpg
NENOHI, MIZU-HONYAKI 300mm x 45mm width blade for SUSHITRAINER

NENOHI made this blade for a head chef at NOBU-RESTAURANT in New York, for Mr. Tomita
You can now see how high in quality Nenohi knives are. These are certainly the kind of knives that nearly every sushi chef desires. However, a set such as the one shown here, with three hand forged water tempered white steel blades, the price would be about $10,000.

It usually takes two to three years before even a professional chef is able to invest that much money in his knives. When they finally get a hold of their knife, with all the money they have saved up, they take care of it very well and treat it almost as a treasure of sorts, as it is very valuable not only on a monetary scale, but also as a tool to work with in the kitchen. At Sushitrainer, we only use the best knives in all of our photo shoots.

These days there have been many Korean chefs in the L.A. area who have started buying high quality Japanese knives. Many of the people who buy Japanese knives, now including those who belong to the expanding Korean restaurant business, do buy from Nenohi, but those who do not know of Nenohi usually buy an older Japanese brand knives. However, at Sushitrainer, we prefer knife companies who have developed new techniques for making knives for 21st Century, such as Nenohi, which has done so since 1995.