Knife Construction

Blade end re-polishing
Filling of grip

Taking a profile of a kitchen knife

Traditional Japanese knives must be very well built. The blade must fit into the handle as straight as possible (very important point of making Japanese knives). It must go in straight and always feel good in the hands of the person using it. It is very important for the blade to fit tightly into the handle so that water does not find its way inside.

An original steels use for Japanese Knife
This picture shows steel material that is the basic material used for making most Japanese knives. This is called Yuki-Hagane and is produced by the Hitachi YASUKI-HAGANE Maker Group. There are twelve types of steel that are popular some of them being Blue steel 1st, Blue steel 2nd, White steel 1st and White steel 2nd.

Usually, after buying the steel, the purchaser lets it sit for at least 60 days before working with it to let it settle. This is why it takes up to 120 to 180 days for high quality knives to be completed. You can visit a showroom of Mutual Trading Company if you would like to know more at the Los Angeles HQ, San Diego branch, Las Vegas branch or New York branch. You will see some of the top quality Japanese and Japanese Western style knives in their showrooms.

I especially tried to take a hard look at the top five companies and I tried to use as many of their knives as possible to get a good feel for them. I looked at knives from all nine companies and drew from my personal experience to see which ones offered the best quality. Many of these knife companies are not known in America, so I wanted to introduce them to you.

Most of the sushi chefs in Los Angeles these days do not use high quality knives. They use knives that are outdated and have not been made using the latest advancements, many of which came about after 1995. Today's Japanese knives do not bend or break. Many of the chefs in Los Angeles do not know the state of knives now in Tokyo. The knife company I consider to be the best, Nenohi and Nenox, has been the subject of talk on television, and had their knives used by four of the six Iron Iron Chefs. This is why I would like for everyone in America to know about Nenohi and Nenox brand knives. This is proof of Nenohi's quality and good reputation today.