Most Well Made brand of Japanese Kitchen Knife from Japan

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The first knife manufacturer I will introduce is Nenohi, who have been active in making high quality Nenohi knives since 1974. They are known as one of the top producers of kitchen knives in Japan. You may have seen are Nenohi or Nenox knife before, as they are used by four of the Six- Iron Chefs on the popular Iron Chef television program.

In 2006, we purchased nine different types of top Japanese brands of hand-forged blades, mostly Honyaki blades, and tested them all out over a ten month period. We tested how well the knives cut, how easy it was to sharpen them, how easy it was to use them, and their overall durability. And then we found the truth, Nenohi and Nenox are the knife brand that is widely used by professional sushi, KAPPO, KAISEKI and French chefs in Japan due to its high quality.

Kaiseki style cuisine
Now in the U.S., Nenohi is selling their knives under the name of Nenohi or Nenox. Nenohi knives are all hand-made and hand forged before they are shipped off for sale. There are many different types of Nenohi knives, ranging from lower end models set at low prices to higher end models, which can be very expensive. In L.A., Nenohi and Nenox are sold by Mutual Trading Company, and they sell the knives online too. I will now proceed to introduce to you the top nine Japanese knife manufacturers.
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