Billing and Pricing Details is a subscription-based sushi instructional service. Your credit card will automatically be billed $9.95/USD a month or $99.00/USD a year depending on which subscription is chosen. In addition, there is a non-refundable initial sign-up fee of $20.00/USD. A subscription to gives you full access to all of the contents and lessons available on our website. This includes access to our library of downloadable pictures and recipes for consumer use, access to the message board, and links to other useful sushi sites and locales. Should you wish to cancel your subscription at anytime, you may email or phone in your request at any time.

Here at, we have spent over five years producing the best quality curriculum available anywhere in the world. Our large catalog of classes was designed to offer complete training on the preparation of sushi from beginning to end. We have spared no financial expense in order to produce the best possible online interactive classroom learning environment.

Compared to courses our competitors offer, we can confidently say that is the best value for instruction on sushi around. For the price of a single day training course, at any conventional sushi school, you can have a year of access to On the other hand, a professional school in Japan, for example, has tuition fees upwards of $1000 (USD) for a five day training course. Other programs can cost more than 10x this cost for the most expensive. Our goal is to provide an affordable and fun place where anyone can learn about traditional Japanese sushi and culture. Sign up today to join the fastest growing, most up-to-date, online sushi learning community at!

Note: We reserve the right to cancel subscription of customers who flame or use message boards for commercial advertising without prior approval, without refund of any fees previously paid for.

  Initial Signup Fee $20.00/USD  
 Monthly Fee $ 9.95/USD  
 Yearly Subscription $99.00/USD  

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