The correct way of eating sushi is not well-known. It is served differently depending on where you eat it. For example, on the West coast in the U.S., Nigiri sushi is served as two pieces for every plate, but on the East Coast, one plate only comes with one piece. Regardless of the size of the order, it is always important to keep soy sauce use to a minimum.

Only pour a small amount into the appropriate dish. Also, when eating Nigiri or Maki (rolled sushi), it is not considered correct or polite to mix wasabi with soy sauce. The formal way is to tell the chef how much wasabi you would like. It is not polite or appropriate to mix wasabi into the soy sauce, as the soy sauce is supposed to stay clean at all times. Wasabi only dilutes it, so you should not dip the part of the meat with wasabi on it either.

Also, the rice is specially and subtly flavored, so it is best to avoid dipping this into the soy sauce as well. Only dip the tane part of the sushi. Maki sushi is covered in rice so this is unavoidable, but try to dip as little of it into the soy sauce as you can, as not to taint the natural flavor of the rice and seafood that is inside. The rice is not ordinary rice; it has been specially treated with a vinegar mixture to flavor it, so this is important. Another point to remember is that the subtle flavor of fish can change from season to season, but when covered with soy sauce, this taste is lost. Please try to eat sushi the true and correct way. You will find it to be a much more fulfilling experience.

Many people here in America believe that it is okay to mix their wasabi completely into their soy sauce. However, this is completely the opposite of the correct way to eat sushi. This actually ruins the taste of the sushi. People generally tend to do this the most with sashimi. We aim to teach visitors and students at our school the correct way, as it will greatly benefit them in their enjoyment of sushi. Especially for people interested in eating sushi in Japan, we recommend eating in this formal and correct style.